Privacy Policy:

To qualify for the R200 000 discount, buyers will need to complete the following criteria:

  1. Complete Buyer Profile to activate your discount on the price list
  2. Reserve your Unit
  3. Sign an Agreement of Sale and pay your 10% deposit within 7 days
  4. Get your finance approval within 21 days (natural person) & 35 days (company) from the acceptance of your agreement of sale.

The incentives and discounts are for a limited period only and are subject to:

  1. The Developer achieving sufficient sales and all other approvals necessary for the registration of The Carrington to proceed;
  2. The Purchaser complying fully with all the conditions as contained in the Agreement of Sale without the Developer having to issue a breach notice. Should the Developer issue a breach notice, and in addition to any other remedies that the Developer has in terms of the signed Agreement of Sale, any value added to the unit as a result of the incentive or discount may at the Developer’s discretion be billed by the Developer and will be payable by the Purchaser on presentation of an invoice, or if the incentive is a cash amount the Developer may cancel payment of such cash amount.

In the unlikely event that a unit is double booked, the buyer that paid their reservation deposit first (recorded by digital timestamp) will secure the unit. The second buyer shall be refunded should they not find a suitable replacement unit.

All images portraying The  Sage development are artist impressions.


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Eugene Batts
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Sally Duncan
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